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Am I Flawless?



Name: Sara
Age: 16
Birthday: April 5, 1988
Location: Royal Oak, Michigan (near Detroit, woop woop)
SexualPreference: as straight as this line_______________
Likes: Well this could take up a page, but ill do my best to be specific. I Love to shop, watch movies, organize haha, drive, listen to music, hang with friends and just enjoy being a girl.
Dislikes: People with multiple personalities, bitches (although we can all be one at some point in time), sharks, school and fake people.


What Does Your LJ UserName Mean: Umm.. I just took my nickname and added some random numbers, they don’t mean anything, but they came from somewhere, so? Who knows

What Is Your Most Embarrassing Moment: As much as I don’t want to say it, I will for this purpose. I was in 6th grade in the gym girls lockeroom. Of course on that day, I wore a tank top with a bra inside, so I didn’t have to wear one. Since I was early to class, the other girls were still getting changed after there time in gym, so I was talking to them. I took my shirt off to change and off went my tank top, thinking I had a bra on. I exposed myself to my entire 5th and 6th period gym class of girls. Most were my friends, so it was funny, but I was sooo embarrassed.

Craziest Thing You Think You've Done: hmm.. There are WAY to many, but one of the top has to be when my friend and I took her car out on a Friday night without a license and her mom was on the way home. Thank god we made it back before she did…

What Is An Interesting Fact About You: I am very outgoing, open and I honestly don’t care what people think. I mean, I don’t want to go through life changing myself so others will like me, I do what I want when I want how I want. Accept me as a friend or don’t talk to me!

Why Should We Accept You: You should except me because I am a very honest person, I am fun to talk to, I can bring fun and good times to the community and Im taking time to fill this out arent I?

Color: Orange, Blue, and Pink
Food: Macaroni and Cheese or Fettuccinni Alfredo from Olive Garden, yum!!
Feature: Clothing..for girls
Feature Of The Opposite Sex(can be personality): Eyes for guys, haha.. It rhymes!
Book/Author: --- I don’t read. Does Seventeen Magazine count?
Movie: You have officially hit my weakness, movies. I own just about anything and everything. But my favorite has to be the little mermaid, other than that I like everything!! As you can tell already
Band/Singer: Blink 182 and The Used, but many more are on the list.
Show: The OC and 24

Drink: Strawberry Banana Smoothie or Pepsi


Best Memory: Me and my cousin went on a western Caribbean cruise together last may. Hot guys, no drinking age, 2 teenage girls, on a boat, in the ocean… what can you expect but a little mischief? haha
Idea Of A Great Date: oh.. My idea is go to the beach in the summer and play football and hang out in the sun. if winter time, go walk in the park or something fun in the snow!
Promote To At Least 2 Places:

Why Do You Think You're Flawless Material: because im different from a lot of people and I think im a fun, outgoing type of girl who deserves to let some of her life gossip and fun thoughts into others lives
Whats The Most Flawless Part About You: my funness. No matter how down you are, I can always make you laugh or make your day 100000 times better
Compliment The MODs (We Like To Be Flattered): From the pictures ive seen you are all very good looking and indeed flawless! You are the MODS! M is for motivated, O is for Organized, D is for Different, S for Spontaneous

Starbucks: no coffee…just strawberry and cream smoothie thing
Boyfriend: I want one, but I sorta have one. Im confused, but they are fun to have.
Juicy: Juice. 100 % juice, no preservatives
Axe: Paul Bunyan…
Pink: Victoria Secret!! LOVE IT!
Tiger: Lilly from Peter Pan, love that movie too!!
Sex: monkeys
Whipped Cream: yum! And ooo la la
Florida: been there, done that!
NYC: senior year for new years eve! Gonna be a blast!!!! I wanna live there,
Hot: chocolate with mint. OMG!! YUM!
Curious: I am curious if ill get in or not in this community

Powder: babies?
Girls: can be bitches, but can be your best friend at the same time.
Waterfall: I love them!! I want to be one! I want to see one again… they are so pretty. Im thirsty..


Suicide: I feel sorry and I wish there was something I could do about it. I do know someone whos parents came home and saw her hanging in the garage, and that made me feel horrible. Im not sure how to explain how I feel other than the fact that I hope it doesn’t come down to that, hopefully there is another path you can take
Abortion: totally against it unless you are in the unfortunate position of rape or other sexual abuse. If abortion was legal, people would stop using protection and take advantage of abortion, that’s killing a human life! You are killing a baby, is that something you want people to be allowed to do? I mean, that’s what condoms are for and even if they don’t work 100% of the time, abortion isn’t an excuse.
UFOs: Sure why not? I mean yea they are UFOs but I mean, I dunno. I belive in them I guess, it could happen right?
Cheating On Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Its wrong. I mean, if you don’t want to be with the person you are currently with, then tell them and see what happens. don’t go around and cheat on people, you tell them and see what they have to say! There is never a reason to cheat on someone. Id rather be dumped than know ive been cheated one.
Premarital Sex: I guess if you are comfortable with the person, you are in love and you know that he or she is the right one you want to do it with, then yea its okay. Im not going to tell you not to have sex before marriage, because I honestly think that there is a “moment” you can be in.
Drugs: I do not do drugs. I don’t want to become addicted or get in trouble for doing them. They are wrong and they mess with your mind. Nothing good can come out of doing drugs, but I will be honest and say that you only live once and if you want to try them, im not going to stop you. 
Surgery: hopefully you don’t feel that bad about yourself to do it and again as I mostly said in the other opinions, do what you want, but personally I feel that plastic surgery makes you fake, unless its something that is unfortunate like a burn or something to that tune.
Gay Marriage: doesn’t bother me, so why should it bother you? I have absolutely no problem with gay marriages, even though a lot of people do. I don’t see how it is going to affect my life, but if they cant get married, it will affect their lives, and that’s not fair to them.


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