CRAZY iN L0VE (i_am_super_girl) wrote in flawless___x,

1. For ________lovehco -- marisa 2. For clawtheclawer --Jahnathan

marisa i know your so rad so i made a seprate list for you :)

chanel glasses

inuyasha season dvd box set -- i am an ANIME FREAK!! so any anime would do.. fruits basket or inuyasha are my favorite lol this would be the shit if this list was real!

a burberry purse

a burberry scarf

this super cute hat from burberry


jahnathan your also the shit so i made a list for you :)

a PUPPY!!! :) omgsh i would marry anyone who got me a puppy. lol i'd be a sexy slave! haha jk

a pair of these really cute LV shoes

this LV bracelet

oh and incase if you guys forgot or didnt know i will not be active for a while, due to personal reasons, so im thinking our mission for while im gone is to get 5-7 new applicants, if we dont get to our 'goal' ill be forced to delete the community, so c'mon people promote! thanks and ill see you in a few weeks.

- kierce
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