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My dad, mum and I, just after I was born.

On my first birthday.

Me on holiday. I'm holding Mungo which was given to me by my aunt when I was 10 days old. He used to go everywhere with me... He still does go a lot of places with me.

When I discovered my Mum's make-up.

Me with the snowman I built (with the help of 'Daddy' and 'Nannie').

On holiday again... I think it was the same place as the third picture, just a couple of years later.

When I first started dancing.

I fell in the water you can just see behind me, hence why I'm wearing Mum's sweatshirt.

When the family was completed. Visting my mum and sister in hospital just after my sister was born. I'm in the pink,and my brother's on the left. You should be able to tell my mum and dad apart!

I cried when I had to wash this off.

On holiday when I was a just under a year old.

15 1/2 years on. Re-enacting the photo (in exactly the same place) this year.
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